Walk your way to Flying

The basic principles of Contact Improvisation seem to be simple: observe your mass and its relation to the gravity, inertia and other physical forces while rolling your center into the center of your partner. But it takes practice, time, attention, interest to embody these apparently simple concepts and no matter how experienced you are it's always nice to revisit them and go deeper and bring more details to your dance.

In this class we would like to invite you to work on the physical details and technicalities specific to some Contact Improvisation elements like rolling, lifting, sliding. Think of it not as hard, straining work but more as delicate crochet-art-crafting. Taking time, directing the attention, being patient, curious and invested, leaving aside the unnecessary muscle tone. We will start by reconstructing the natural process of learning movement from zero level to standing, through balancing on our structure/points of support, and apply a similar process to finding ways of balancing on partner’s bony structure. So everybody will be able to adapt and add the proposed CI elements, according to his own interest and history of movement.


Virginia and Catalin are partners in life and in dance. They are very different and they use this to find complementarity and learn from each other. Virginia is a dance performer, CI teacher, traveler and philosophical practitioner. At the present moment she facilitates CI classes, jams & workshops, performs with the dance & theater company PETEC and also organizes Contact Bucharest Festival. Catalin is one of those artists who don’t know they are artists, or at least that’s what Virginia thinks. Even though he has a day job as IT support he also produces electronic music, plays guitar and drums, and dances and performs with PETEC.

Virginia's and Catalin's CI experience was defined by teachers like Stephen Batts, Scott Wells, Alexandra Soshnicova & Serghei Golovnya, Nora Hajos, Sveta Bird, Sasha Dodo, Adrian Russi, Susanne Martin, Kira Kirsch & Antoine Ragot. Virginia also had as teachers Ursula Laeubli, Benno Voorham and Sybrig Dokter, Catrina Choate, Anjelika Doniy, Ekaterina Ericson, Cyrus Khambatta, Nancy Stark Smith. Since 2015, after an intense period of traveling and dancing, Virginia focused more on creating practice frames for CI and building up the CI community in Bucharest, directing her energy towards teaching and performing in Romania. And for Catalin the last 10 years were a mixture of enjoying the stability of a job but also anguishing by postponing his dream of traveling. In 2019 they took one full year to traveling together while dancing, teaching and performing in Asia and Europe.