Violetta Matiushenko

Dance lives inside of me from the very birth, and it's changing throughout the life, transforms to different forms and depths. She got choreographer degree in Kharkov Art institute and in Kiev Dragomanov University. She took part in lots of different workshops, festivals and dancing projects. Main teachers of CI and Contemporary are Ruslan Baranov, Benno Voorham, Serge Golovnea, Sasha Soshnikova, Eszter Gal, Anjelica Doniy, Tomas Mettler, Inna Falkova, and lot more. She's a performer in the festival of improvisations "Pushok", «ImproStore» , Moldova Contact+ Festival. Organizes impro-festival "Warmth exchange". Dances and teaches in «Zemlya» improvisation center. And I love the dance in all its forms.

Physicality in dance.

Our body helps us as our tool, as a conductor of our ideas and impulses. So it makes sense for us to develop its abilities and capabilities. At the class we will pay attention to the dance technique, to the development of movement through games and movement tasks (on the floor, in pairs and in groups). For a fearless and safe dance. With attention and love.