Anna Titova

Evolution inside and outside

Somatic Intensive

Evolution is consciousness expanding itself, settling down in the material space with its cells, tissues, fluids and systems.

Our body consists of trillions of cells and as conscious creatures we remember cellular level and the very beginning.

In our intensive, every class will be a step in evolution. We will move from the cellular level to the level of a complex and differentiated organism.

What’s driving the cell in its development? How are the cells multiplying, expanding and differentiating into tissues and patterns of many different functions? Evolution is a sparkle from the inside and a call from the outside.

“A human embryo can’t turn into a human being at some point in the developmental process – before implantation or after – it is a human being from the very start of fertilization; unique and unparalleled in every moment of its existence.” Erich Blechshmidt

“Nature forms patterns. Patterns are created by movement. Patterns are in a constant flow of relationships and change – at every moment they are transitioning into a new and unique now” B. B. Cohen

We will go through the systems of the body and the basic patterns of early development. We will warm up our attention and prepare our sense organs and our perception to dancing. Our practice will consist in exploring ourselves in movement, through touch and bodywork, in solos, duets and group forms.

It will be a time for integration, awakening, releasing and getting ready to dance.

Bio:Anna Titova

I’m dancing CI since 2009.

Somatic movement teacher and practitioner. I have studied in Institute of integral bodywork and movement therapy (IBMT) since 2013.

I teach somatic, body presence and spacious perception. Last several years I am interested in and explore embriological and early development and movement in Body-Mind Centering@, IBMT and Somatic BODY.

Registered somatic movement educator/ therapist (RSME/T) international association ISMETA.

I am organizer of Somatic BODY program in Moscow.