Clarity in the Unknown

From a place of deep physical listening we will focus on cultivating our responsiveness rather than our re-activeness, recognizing and then altering our known pathways, and composing through dialogue to create new layers and textures that deepen our dancing.

I am interested in how we dialogue with each other, the space, our viewers and ourselves. How do we dance in a way that allows us not just to be seen, but understood? How do we listen in a way that helps us take greater risks physically and compositionally?

With a strong grounding in contact improvisation we will experiment with these ideas to expand our dancing from the gentle and subtle, to the acrobatic and fluidly athletic.

Through attentive and dynamic listening we will discover the balance in falling, redirecting, composing and soaring. It is this balance in listening that allows us to risk the unknown more fully in our dancing. With care and attention we will pose and explore questions from both contemporary dance as well as contact improvisation, working through exercises and scores that will hone our skills as movers, and thinkers


Tim O'Donnell is a New York-based dance artist who teaches and performs in both the United States and Europe. His exploration in dance, movement and improvisation is strongly rooted in deep physical listening while maintaining a sense of adventure. He has taught and performed for numerous organizations, universities and festivals most recently including the American Dance Festival, Arizona State University, Dance Ireland, Dance New Amsterdam and Movement Research. He holds an MFA in Dance, has maintained a private practice in therapeutic bodywork and somatic movement since 1995 and has been on faculty at Movement Research since 2005. He is currently teaching at ASU as a guest faculty member.


Tim O’Donnell and Carly Czach Contact Improvisation Duet