Performing in CI (level: advanced)

It's not a secret that CI was born as a performative form of dance. But as it developed and spreaded all over the world, it became accessible to anyone willing to practice it. And other values of the practice emerged that you might focus your attention at - social, therapeutic, physical training, sportive or perhaps even spiritual aspect. At this class, we would like to work with those who are willing to try dancing CI while being observed. Let's explore how it will influence our dance and what will come up for us.

Ruslan Baranov and Marina Baranova

Ruslan Baranov (born in 1973) is a dancer, performer, choreographer in the field of contemporary dance and CI teacher. Ruslan studied dance in the best choreography schools in Kiev. Worked in Ukraine’s high-ranked national dance companies: Virsky Folk Dance Ensemble, National Folk Chorus named G Veryovka, National Dance Ensemble « Hopak ». Performed in musicals "Dracula" (Czech Republic) and «KEEP COOL» (Switzerland). Worked as a stage director in various night shows and as a dancer in Kyiv Modern Ballet. In 1999 he participated in “Vienna Summer Dance Week” “Dance Web-99” where he discovered Contact Improvisation, Flying Low technique and Axis Syllabus. In 2000 he started teaching CI and contemporary dance in Ukraine. Traveling around the world with workshops and seminars in CI and contemporary dance has become a permanent activity for Ruslan. He is the organizer of the Kiev CI Club, JAM CHAOS Festival, Kiev International CI Festival, “Contact Session in Crimea”, CI WinterFest in Carpathians, Festival of Dance Improvisations “PushOK” and Improvisation Nights “Impro Store”. He directed numerous dance and improvisation performances, including “H2OOO”, “Bardo of the present life for ordinary creatures” “Black and White”, “BaletKI”, “oKI doKI”, “Improvisation without I”, “KALEIDOSCOPE”. Ruslan teaches CI in Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Marina Baranova – the source of constant inspiration and husband’s MUSE ))) She met Ruslan and discovered CI 4 years ago. Before that she had been dancing in junior dance ensembles. Hard worker. Finished her school studies and Kiev Trade University with honors. Thanks to her knowledge of English and good memory, she knows more about CI than her second half. Wise, beautiful, feminine and intuitive. A true example of perfect female qualities. Her mind is constantly busy with a desire to be helpful for other people, her body and language do everything to make it happen.