Contemplative Contact Improvisation

Improvisation as vehicle for soul to journey in openess trough unknown - Contact Improvisation is a joyful, spontaneous, pleasurable, highly intelligent and out-of-conventional-box way of connecting trough shared movement and physical contact. It can also be a transformative tool when practised as contemplative art.

Guidelines of practise:
Spirit of practise is highly explorative. Material for movement is unfolding in organic way trough accepting what is present in ever-abundant here-and-now. Loyalty to yourself and importance of choosing in each given moment what is the most meaningful choice to act - and what is not isemhazised. Unknown is embraced, autopilot sacrificed and spontaneity engouraged. Aware heart will be our compass, intuition our way. Surrendering to the most simple, to the most natural is supported. Clear communication of respectful boundaries is reminded. Orientation and the content of the mind will be controlled in relaxed way and brought repeatedly back to essential, to the liberating process of yourself trough your way of knowing, being, and moving. Inner call and guidance will be engouraged to listen and respect to the maximum. Bodies are loved trough stilness and movement until total fullfilment from practise arrives.

In this practise you might experience:
Heart centeredness.
Present centeredness.
Awareness upon the most emerging and obvious experience.
Un-knowing: expanding from area of rational knowing to knowing by heart, guts, sensies, instinct and trough inner intuitive guidance towards ever-expanding mystery of the moment.

Contacting practised not only physical movement activity but also bio-energetical, aural (thoughts/feelings) and astral (soul) movement activity. Respecting authenticity and uniqueness of each moment, each experiencer, each movement and each dance in their own way of unfolding and existing. Courage : Embracing safety seeking comfortable auto-pilot-zone until one is ready for new-and-now.
Fun, sport and play serving the study of conciousness expansion. Togetherness of hearts as a way to collective conciousness expansion. Contacting to yourself and to the other practised in a balanced way. Full involvment to what you do with total detachment. Contact Improvisation as self knowledge and a spiritual practise.

No lifting techniques, but a lot of inner freedom skills. Fits for awareness and movement practitioners with basic skills already in contact improvisation.

Petri Tai Pale

Petri loves to dance contact improvisation and loves to teach it also. He likes rolling, falling and weight sharing. He loves the flow of movement , but also likes to be still and just listen. Petri likes to participate to co-creation of present moment. He just loves to be in contact with him self, and sometimes with others too. Petri has practised CI for 18 years. Some years he has practised super intensively with strong and burning passion. Some years he has just found himself from parking several floors without any good inspiration to move. Nowadays he just simply loves to move his beautiful long bodyparts all over the spaces and share his locomotion.