Class : 5 GRAMS Ukraine Festival

We will start from a warm up in solo that will allow us to perceive and think at the body as a unitary system, as a whole, where there are no interruptions of communication between the parts. With this idea we will come into physical contact with each other through the fascia and the space in between.
We will work in physical contact with the others analyzing the dynamics of touch.
We will explore different elements: spirals, weight, tone and quality of movement.

The focus is to unite, to put together. To create a clear and effective flowing communication in a process in which the body and the mind communicate at the level of perception, attention and presence.

We will observe ourselves, we will observe ourselves observing our process and the relation with the others.

Nica Portavia

I was born in Fano in 1983. I started dancing as a child at the ballet school of Paola Furlani and at 12 I started with the theater attending the School of the Stable Theater of Fano (pu) directed by Fabrizio Bartolucci.After high school I moved to Bologna to attend the university of modern letters for philology and the Dance Academy called ArteDanza. In Bologna I meet Anna Albertarelli and fall in love with her material on physical theater and dance.
With her I discovered the contact improvisation that has become the language that belongs to me. I started traveling and studying with many different teachers including: Leilani Weis, Anjelika Doney, Charlie Morrissey, Matan Lewchovich, Martin Keogh, Yochai Ginton, Olivia Courtey Mass, Asaf Barach, Yaniv Mintzer, Linda Bufali, Alex Guex and many others. In Bologna I started to teach on 2012 and now I guide regularly 3 classes a week and organize CI and jam events in Italy and Europe. In 2016 I started contaminating Rimini with contact improvisation teaching there and now in Rimini there is a wonderful group.
I have participated in numerous international and European festivals.
3 years ago I met Butoh and in 2017 I organized the first butoh festival and contact "Dans a pic ".
I presented various performances during my residence in France both alone and some with a French dancer Anis Ouzzani.
I was invited as a guest teacher at the Vienna festival and in January at the Snowsurf festival in Ukraine.
I taught in France Germany, Ukraina, Italy, Spain, Argentina. In Spain in the ECIB festival of Barcelona and in The Asturias Contact Festival.
Since the first edition i was in the helping team for the organization of Italy Contact Camp Since two years i'm in the organization of ItalyContactFest (Italian festival of contact improvisation)