BETWEEN DOING AND UNDOING - Reinventing pathways

Initiating, letting go, inviting, listening, answering, letting go, changing, staying, surprising, pausing, waiting, letting go,...

Being available!

Dealing with a constant changing momentum, our body moves through shared-weight, off-balance and up-side down situations.

To understand and organize our body structure, mass/weight and support in relationship to our dance partner and to gravity, is a key principle we explore in contact improvisation.

In this workshop we invite through teasing restrictions and commitments a deeper connection to our body intelligence. Entering a space of multiple options, imagination and playfulness. Letting go of unnecessary ambition. Opening an available body and mind. We gain freedom and possibilities for inviting our always present potential to initiate, wait and honestly respond to the moment.

Dancing and composing, wise and wild, raw and delicate.


Mileen is a dancer & performer, poet and dance teacher. After her master in social work & pedagogics (University of Ghent), she graduated at TIP, school of dance, improvisation and performance in Freiburg (DE), which nourished and deepened her love for instant composition, contact improvisation and the many layered world of our moving and poetic body. Shortly after she as well fell in love with teaching. She finished a training in education in the arts and since many years now grows by performing and by teaching contemporary dance, CI, and instant composition nationally and internationally. In 2013 she started initiating and teaching regular CI classes and jams in Ghent (BE) which evolved into a beautiful young and growing community. Mileen develops and teaches the dance trajectories for WISPER, a leading organization for art education for adults in Belgium.

In her teaching Mileen is passionate about supporting a space, a container where people can grow in (body)awareness. She values a profound as well as playful approach to empower people to plug-in to their movement potential, multi-layered physical and artistic expression.

As a performing artist as well as a teacher Mileen is fascinated by inter-human connections, surrendering to our power, reflexes and instinct, efficiency in motion, the diverse movement qualities we hold in our bodies, musicality in movement, the fine universes of the different senses as well as the different body systems, and how they connect with space and time, the work of composing in the instant and what that means in a performance setting. Mileen often collaborates with artists of other media, looking for common or new artistic languages. Since 2013 she is part of the Belgium based artistic collaboration POST.TRAUM.Collective.