One image that can be used to describe the activity of Contact Improvisation is wave surfing. In surfing you need to find the exact wave, use exact timing and location, match speeds with it, and then maybe you can ride it.

In CI, the other dancer is the wave which we catch. We have to find the right level, speed, and timing where our partner is just about to be in a good musculoskeletal structural alignment to give good support to us.

In order to practice and achieve the ability of pleasurably surfing each other’s bodies with momentum through the space, we will practice technical skills as well as softer skills which are just as needed:

Contact Improvisation is an art form in development. As we develop it, we get developed through it. We invite you to come to explore with us and bring your curiosity and colors.

Lena Peled

Lena Peled is a Dancer, a teacher and a therapist. For the last 25 years she studied dance within different structures. She was a dancer at "Vertigo" Dance company, where she danced the masterpieces "White Noise", "Birth of the Phoenix", and "Roxy". Today she is a dancer at independent dance projects. It is when she encountered contact improvisation, at 2008, that she truly came home. The last 10 years she has been teaching in Israel and in the world Contact Improvisation and Contemporary Dance, with an emphasis on Release Technique and Floor work. In the last 4 years she is a Curriculum Director and supervisor of teachers at "Ha'kvutsa" (The Group) dance school in Tel Aviv. There she also teaches in-depth long term learning process of Contact and Contemporary Dance.

At "Sandciel"- Contemporary Circus School, she teaches Acrobatic Dance and Contact Improvisation. She has been teaching at various festivals, some of which are: Berlin, CMC, France, Hamburg, and Israel. She is on the production team of the "Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival" and an association member. She also co-teaches weekend immersion workshops of Contact Improvisation. Also, In Tel Aviv, she has a private Clinique of Reflexology, Bach Flowers, Naturopathy, and Nutrition.

Contact Improvisation to her is a way of life: the communication, the listening, the momentum, the improvisation, the playfulness. She combines the qualities of contact in everything she does, and she loves continuously developing these qualities in herself and others. Witnessing people's growth through movement is one of her greatest passions; it is such an honor for her to accompany people in their self discovery. She loves learning, teaching, and feeling the endless movement inside and around her.

Edo Ceder

Edo has been practicing and studying Contact and Improvisation, as well as contemporary dance since 1999, and teaching since 2006. He taught CI in Tel Aviv, New York, WCCIF (Berkley), guest class at Jacksonville MFA dance program, Freiburg CI festival, CMC CI festival, and Warsaw. For the past 5 years he has been holding weekly CI classes, as well as Improvisation classes, and hosting a monthly Jam in Tel Aviv. Since 2008 Edo has been dancing professionally and also choreographing contemporary dance pieces, performing them in Israel and abroad, and winning prizes in international competitions.

He completed 3 years of study of the somatic “Grinberg Method”, and has over 1000 clinical hours. He carries a 2nd degree black belt in Jujitsu and has taught children and adults. He holds a B.A. in Psychology and also works as a computer programmer.

"I look at CI as a practice and play with weight and physical forces, while at the same time honing skills of non-verbal communication, presence, attention, opening of the heart, collaboration and sharing, and connection to self, to the ground and to the other"