Gaga Intensive

In this morning intensive I will use the Gaga language to create a moving morning session where we prepare the body for a day of contact improvisation and dancing.

I am curious about how the physical sensation of floating can support our contact improvisation dancing. We will search for the floating sensation by listening to the horizontal pull, the horizontal forces, and we will test how this research can make us feel lighter and find more space inside our body.

Alertness and readiness. I wanna use this morning session to tune our beings into the body (and out of our minds). We will do so by listening and moving the different layers of the body; bones, flesh and skin. We will also tune ourself into the moment by listening and moving the body. Then, from the alertness created by listening to the moment and the body, we can start to play with the many possibilities for movement that exists within the body.

Currently I am into the sensation of Ā«falling into movementĀ». I love to research a dance with an ongoing sensation of falling. Falling catching, falling catching. Falling, catching with movement. Falling, cathing myself with my movement. Falling, beeing caught by a moving partner?


Kari is a dancer and dance teacher living and working in Copenhagen. She holds her bachelor degree in contemporary dance from Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Kari participated in the Gaga Teacher Training Program in Tel Aviv, where she trained under Bosmat Nossan, Saar Harari and Ohad Naharin. She became a certified Gaga teacher in 2019.

Kari works as a freelance dancer and is currently involved in the performance project "A crisis of touch" choreographed by Live Skullerud.

Kari has been practising contact improvisation for about 5 years, and she has attended several festival, workshops and intensives of CI. Kari has been teaching and sharing her knowledge of CI in a few workshops and classes.