Improvisation - Radical Authenticity

Let me invite you to a workshop on contact improvisation. I would like to propose you a journey through elements of contact and self-movement, physical theatre and dance. The starting point for action is a search for direct and complete expression. The way we work is to intensify our being, feeling and perceiving to reach a hyper-awareness state. The result is a movement that carries emotions, stories, perhaps beauty, and above all allow for a state of radical authenticity in physical meeting.

I believe in body-mind fusion. In a state in which the more I am and the more I feel, the more accurately I can express. The more I can express, the closer I am to the essence of my humanity. This workshop will therefore be an excuse for an intimate meeting with yourself and above all for meeting with other people.

I can promise you an intensity and a beautiful time. Let's move together!


Filip Wencki - Contact improviser, dancer, physical actor, director and researcher. Cofounder of the physical theatre/dance company The line of night. His work is providing a unique combination of soft, somatic approach combined with intense physicality of contact improvisation and physical acting. In the past occupied with traditional martial arts and modern fight systems. For years now occupied with contact dance and physical movement. Performs and teaches internationally improvisation, dance and physical acting (Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Columbia, Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine, Czech, Poland). After years of training, still surprised by the endless possibilities in movement and expression.