Can I be here and share?

I dance my dance, feel what I feel. But does that mean i can not share it with others? And how do I share it? I find There is a tendency to localize and privitize what is happening to me without passing it on and sharing. (Be it a beautiful duet, solo, or group dance.) Together we will find tools to connect with each other in the dance. using different focus points and exercises. We will open ourselves to the space and the other people in it. How can we connect to something bigger than our own self, than our own story and still be present in our experience this moment...right now. The class has been inspired by the work of David Zambrano’s passing through and flying low teachings.

Uri Dicker

I was born in Jerusalem 1988. Contact improvisation Is my first movement method, since i started dancing at age 24. I found it with the help of my mother who was already dancing with me in her stomach :) And can remember driving her to a contact festival in israel when I was 17 wondering who are all these very happy people ;) In 2014 I studied circus arts in ‘carampa’ Madrid, Spain, specializing in partner acrobatics and physical theatre. When I finished the school I felt like something was missing, an internal understanding of why i move , or, why we do what we do. So i found ‘re-search’, a school of contemporary dance, in Israel, were i studied three years. Focusing on movement and performance art. I worked with artists such as or marin an Oran Nahum ( Ayala frenkel , Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Michal Mualem. Performing in festivals and theaters in Israel and Europe. My interests are about learning and discovering all that our body has to offer through movement, expression, rhythm, awareness practices, Voice work, and so much more yet to be discovered.