Daniel Sardella

Daniele Sardella: Mechanical Engineer, since 1997 is dedicated to Street Art, juggling and equilibrism, from 2002 it became his main job. In 2003 he came in contact with the Biotransazionale Method and begins to practise it and study its principles, and to integrate them with the study of circus techniques; simultaneously he got formed artistically by attending various courses of Equilibrism (Arial Miluca, Claude Victoria), clown (Rita Pelusio, Jean Meningault, Michelin Vanderpoel), dance (Claude Coldy, Lucia Latour, Ketty Russo, Simona Fichera, Marta Ciappina, Tom Weksler, Kira Kirsh, Nita Little, Angelika Donji, Ray Chung), studying theater at "Pontedera Theatre Foundation" (2004-2005) and working at the Bellucci Aquatic Circus (2005-2006). From 2009 to the present days he is forming in teaching a personal application of Biotransazionale Method to Handstand and Movement and to Contact Improvisation, through a continuous personal research and by giving classes and intensive workshops. Now he is going deeply into the research of Acrobatic Dance and Acrobatic Contact Improvisation with special focus to a training that increases both the health and the performance possibilities. In the 2017 teaches handstand, acrobatic movement and contact improvisation also in India (Goa e Mumbai) and in China (Pechino, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yinchuan, Nantong). In January 2018 he has been the organizer and host of the performance night if the Goa's Contact Festival. In april 2018 he teaches a one week workshop for the major dancer of the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts of Beijing (Opera of Beijing).