The class will focus on working with a partner in a united flow when dancing in contact becomes our common dance: the idea is that it takes two or more independent bodies to be dancing in contact, while in a common dance there’s in just one, although a composite body, dancing it.

We will move solo, with a partner, with a group of partners – matching our speeds, combining our body capabilities and our common intentions. Ease, variability, conductance are the key movement qualities that we will look for in our common = contact dance.

Mariia Bakalo

Dancer, choreographer, founder of ConDanSpace school for contemporary dance in Lviv.

I’ve been active, taking part and creating in the field of contemporary dance since 2011. For three years I’ve taught contemporary dance at Lviv National University. I was a choreographer for the socio-cultural projects "Autumn on the Pluto", "Matter" and others.