Being nowhere

For a long time, I’ve resisted temptation to combine my experience as zen practitioner, and experience of dancer/teacher. But seems like I’ve failed, and now my practice came to where it was in the very beginning. Every time jumping into unknown territory of movement and physics and other partners. So, I invite you to play a bit with “attention” to make the dance more… less… predictable for us. What if we invite and accept every thought that arises? What else we can change in our vision of dance, to release even more? What if we are not the attention to changes - but changes themselves? I don’t know for sure.

The potential of a “dancing mind”, as opposed to a widespread tendency to stop thinking, is not yet fully discovered (and I hope it never will).

Alex Postnikov

I got into Contact Improvisation over 10 years ago, can’t tell more precisely, from aikido and yoga. And from that point I never left. Because I don’t know any other practice that calls my total immersion and awareness, and gives so much pleasure, interest and discoveries. My personal focus of attention in contact is opening new possibilities of attention and creation of new options for self-expression, body development and movement. My dearest teachers in CI are Benno Voorham, Ruslan Santah, Ray Chung, Mirva Makinen, Karl Frost, Steve Batts, Eszter Gal.

I’ve started teaching classes from 2009. Gradually my interest shifted from my own body to the interactions in a duet, and then mostly to performance. To the situation when we all balance lots of attentions, interests, spaces. And the investigation of body became the investigation of the world with my body.

Starting from 2009, I am an organizer and art-director of Kiev festival of Contact Improvisation. After 2014 - Dancefulness festival.

For the last 4 years I’ve started doing argentinian tango and the combination of contact and tango – contactango. I was taking classes in this form mostly from Leilani Weis and Gaby Koch. And this combination appeared most valuable for me, with beautiful mix of music, dance, freedom, embodied improvisation and clear structure.