May 4-11 '2017

Contact improvisation retreat-festival



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8:00-9:00      Gaga Gaga Gaga     Gaga Gaga packing things  
Feldenkreiz Feldenkreiz Feldenkreiz Feldenkreiz Feldenkreiz
Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga
9:00-10:00 Breakfast
Teachers meeting Anya Cloud Anya Cloud Anya Cloud Swimming pool Anya Cloud Anya Cloud Final circle
Bye-bye jam
Ruslan & Marina Ruslan & Marina Ruslan & Marina Drawing and dance  Ruslan & Marina Ruslan & Marina
Olivia & Yochai Olivia & Yochai Olivia & Yochai Olivia & Yochai Olivia & Yochai
Arrival Lunch
Free time   Free activities   Free time Getting away
    Baby-CI Baby-CI Baby-CI
Registration, bodywork   Sveta Pashko Katya Andreeva Yuri Kuzin Sasha Soshnikova & Sergei Golovnea One-to-one sessions
Sveta Piontkevich
Sergei Semichev
Olya Kuzina Viktor Ruban Somatics Catherine Vashtalova
Tonya Egorova Alex Postnikov Katya Taranova Inna Falkova
20:30 Opening circle, jam Live music jam Focus jam Blind jam (+authentic) Teachers performance
Jam Music jam

"Life is a dancer, and you're the dance"

Festival is a natural way for us to become a part of the Dance, no matter how skilled in Contact Improvisation you are.

To help your dance grow, we propose:

  • 4 parrallel intensive teachers
  • 14 incredible teachers from Ukraine, U.S., Israel, Italy, Sweden
  • 150 participants to share dance, ideas, experience
  • 8 days of dance, nature, river, sauna, singing around the fireplace, live music and silence.

Fill the
registration form.

Intensives highlight

Place and Venue


  • 2009-2014 - Kiev CI festival
  • 2015 - "Dance is Peace" festival, Lviv
  • 2016 - "Dancefulness" festival, Carpathian mountains
  • 2017 - welcome :)


Program highlights

May 4:

Аccommodating on the basecamp, walking, bodyworks, evening jam.

May 5-7, 9-10 – everyday schedule:

  1. Morning GaGa practice.
  2. Intensive workshops.
  3. CI classes and labs.
  4. Jams and surprises.

May 8 – day off:

  1. Swimming in the river, horseriding, trekking, singing at the fireplace.
  2. Trip to Open-air museum of Ukrainian culture
  3. Bicycle rides, high-park or just sleeping all day long.

May 11:

Breakfast, closing circle and last dances, checking out.


Prices includes participation, accommodation and food from the midday of May 4 till the midday of May 11.

In our vision Dancefulness could be a meaningful meeting point for human beings from different countries, independenly from the income level. That is why we are offering special or rather "social" price for local people (most of them can't afford any festival abroad).

Until April 10 we have special group discounts for the groups of 3 and more participants. For more details please contact us at

Full price on the 4th of May: 350 EUR

Price till 3rd of May: 300 EUR

Early registration (before March 15): 260 EUR

Early registration for 3+ people group (before March 15): 240 EUR

Full price for 3+ people group: 280 EUR

Water contact intensive (extra price): 20 EUR

Children up to 3 yrs - free
   (without separate place to sleep)

Children from 4 yrs - 150 EUR

How to register


Fill the
registration form.


Wait for the confirmation letter and info about "how to pay".


Pay the deposit, 130 EUR (3900 UAH for locals) or more.


Facebook: facebook event



Phone number: +38063 854 73 10