11th May festival is back to Kyiv

We invite you to get acquainted with Ukrainian CI community and atmosphere. Dive into the details of contact improvisation with international teachers and practitioners.

“Dance exists as an inspiration against the cultural norms of general passivity that we learn in school, at work, in general behavior in public.” Steve Paxton, “A short history of dance from an outsider’s point of view”

What’s the plan?

  • 8 jams (in the morning and in the evening).
  • Classes by Ukrainian and international teachers.
  • Research labs facilitated by festival guests and participants.
  • Open city performances with festival participants.
  • Dance walking near river Dniper.
  • Experiments: drawing + dance, sound + movement and etc. (open to your ideas).

20 sec video to tease you 🙂

More about the venue

Spacious dance studio. 510 m2 – dance as wide as you like.

In the historical city center.

With a stunning view on the river Dniper

Available 24 hours.

Teachers and festival guests


Intensive: + (1 small surprise, will reveal soon)

Teachers, facilitators, guests:
Nica Andrea Pazienza (Italy)
Ruslan and Marina Baranovy (Ukraine)
Sveta Pashko (Ukraine-Romania-World)
Nataliya Trofimova (Ukraine – Russia)
Segey Semichev (Ukraine)
Violetta Matiushenko (Ukraine)
Maria Bakalo (Ukraine)
Toma Maximenko (Ukraine)
Alex Postnikov (Ukraine)
Roman Solyanik (Ukraine)
Kate Taranova (Ukraine)
Inna Falkova (Ukraine)
Ola Hasia (Ukraine)
Daria Voronina (Ukarine)
Kate Andreeva (Ukraine)
Danielle Sardella (Italy)


    • Early Bird Price: 260 Euro (prepayment by 1st of March)
    • Hurrying up slowly: 290 Euro (prepayment by 1st of April)
    • Taking your time: 320 Euro (prepayment by 1st of May)
  • Last moment decision: 350 Euro on the 5th of May
Prepayment amount: 100 Euro     


Price does not include accommodation and food in Kyiv. If you need help with the accommodation, please let us know in registration form or write to ci.in.ukraine@gmail.com
Approximate cost of accommodation is 8 Euro per night (hostel, a sleeping place for 1 person, 1 night)

Donation: You are welcome to leave any. It will go to support Ukrainian dancers who would like
to come but can not cover 100% participation costs. We will send reports to all festival angels about how their
donation will be used.

If (or when) festival will get extra profit (it might happen if we will have over 70 paid participants) we will share this money with local CI communities in Ukraine to support and develop dance practice. We will share this report with festival participants.


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