Celebrating 10th May festival
in blossoming Ukraine

Somehow, the tradition of having May festival stayed alive for already 10 years, and it’s now time to celebrate.
This time we have 6 days of diving in the nature, and 2 days of socializing in the city.
Let’s have fun!

“Life is a dancer, and
you’re the dance” Eckhart Tolle

Festival is a natural way for us to become a part of the Dance, no matter how skilled in Contact Improvisation you are.

  •  Dedicated to learning CI
  • For 10 years we constantly focus on dancing itself. Classes and jams forus are always top priorities. This year we have 3 intensives and 14 teachers.

  •  Incredible nature
  • River, forest, beauty of spring time… The venue also provides swimmingpool, as the rivers in May are pretty cold

  •   6 days outside the city … and back
  • Days full of dance, nature, river, sauna, singing around the fireplace,live music and silence. Besides dancing and walking in the nature, festival is always about possibilites to hangout with old and new friends

More about the place

3 Dance Spaces

In total, 700 m2 of dancing spaces for incredible dance meetings and practice

Swimming pool

Daily swimming with rubber hats on, nightly pool jams – without hats..

Mid-Ukraine Nature

80 km from Kiev, pine forests and Dnipro, the main river of Ukraine. Map – >>

Activities and Passivities

Roller blades, sauna, bicycles, alpha gravity – everything to keep body and interest in tone.

Kids space

A lot of activities for kids during the day. Which means, happy dancing parents

Accommodation and Food

For nice rest we have cozy rooms, 2 people per room. And we will have vegetarian food three times a day.

1 minute 30 sec video story about how it was at Dancefulness 2017

Program & Schedule

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Teachers highlight



Artists: musicians and painters


Price: 260 Euro (festival) + 120 Euro (accomodation and food) = 380 Euro (if you will send us prepayment till 25th of April)
We have 10% discount for group of 2 people and more. This offer is valid from 3rd till 25th of April.
Price: 300 Euro (festival) + 120 Euro (accomodation and food) = 430 Euro (if you will send us prepayment till 29th of April)
Prepayment amount: 120 Euro

Price includes participation, accommodation, 3-time-a-day food, swimming pool, evening sauna and other activities
from the midday of April 29 till the midday of May 5. And also participation in classes and jams in Kiev on May
5-6. Food and accomodation in Kiev (5-6 of May) are not included in festival price. If you need help with the
accomodation in Kiev please let us know in registration form or write to ci.in.ukraine@gmail.com

Donation: You are welcome to leave any. It will go to support Ukrainian dancers who would like
to come but can not cover 100% participation costs. We will send reports to all festival angels about how their
donation will be used.