We invite you again to dance impetuously in blossoming Kyiv with hundred dancers from all around the world.

Four intensives will keep the pace of Dancefulness 2020 Festival.



And other festival guests:

Sasha Kozin (Russia), Katya Basalaeva (Russia), Georgiy Popov (Russia), Pawel Kubiak (Poland)

What else?

– 7 classes of international and Ukrainian teachers.
– 10 jams (in the evening and the morning).
– open performances in the city center.
– labs and free space for research.
– ecstatic dance with musician shaman from Udmurtia.
– 8 festival days + 2 afterparty days.
– Meeting. Well, the warmest thing that happens at the festival. Gatherings of people we know for years and completely unfamiliar dancers from all around the world. These meetings are something that makes us belong to the community.


Light changes can appear in the schedule.

More about the venue

Kyiv, Desyatynna str. 12, 7th floor, map.
Spacious dance studio. 510 m2 – dance as wide as you like. In the historical city center with the chill zone at the balcony.

What was at 2019 edition?

121 participants from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Finland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, USA, Hong Kong, UK, Denmark, Romania, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzeralnd, Sweden


We recommend these hostels that are near festival venue:
Dream hostel Kyiv – 12 euro/night
Sky hostel – 10 euro/night
LEON hostel – 7 euro/night
Nap & Rest Hostel – 8 euro/night
You are welcome to contact festival participants in dancefulness tribe group and book a hostel room just for festival people or book an apartment. To book an apartment we can recommend dobovo.com service.
There are plenty of cafe in festival location area. Also food is very cheap in Ukraine: 3-5 Euro for the meal, 1 Euro for the beer.


  • Early Bird Price: 260 Euro (prepayment by the 15th of March)
  • Hurrying up slowly: 290 Euro (prepayment by the 15th of April)
  • Taking your time: 320 Euro (prepayment by the 28th of April)
  • Last moment decision: 350 Euro till the 5th of May
  • Prepayment amount: 100 euro

    Price does not include accommodation and food in Kyiv. If you need help with the accommodation, please let us know at ci.in.ukraine@gmail.com

    Donation: You are welcome to leave any. It will go to support Ukrainian dancers who would like to come but can not cover 100% participation costs. We will send reports to all festival angels about how their donation will be used.


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    Which intensive for your in the second place (in case the intensive you chose as first priority will be fully booked and there are no places left)? *