We invite you again to dance impetuously with dancers from all around the world – and especially Ukraine – near Odessa, on the Black Sea.

Two intensives will keep the pace of Dancefulness 2021 Festival.

Classes and guest teachers 2021 *

* We definitely want these people to come! They want, as well! But, as things change quickly, let’s be prepared for everything 😉
All our teachers confirmed their intention to come, and we’ll replace someone with an Ukrainian teacher if something happens.

Sasha Soshnikova and Sergey Golovnea
Lost heads

Frey Faust
Embodying Freedom (TBD)

Olya Haseleva
CI in water

Boris Borysenko
Dance for the mood. Dancing the mood.

Roma Solyanik
Touch and move. Body practice

Morning practice

Alon Klein
Morning practice

Taras / Music

Stan Potoku / Music and fun

Daniel Drago / Talking club

Nata Trofimova / one-to-one

Shakima Garuntz / singing from heaven


Shantambala – Retreat & Resort

What else?

– 8 classes of international and Ukrainian teachers.
– 10 jams (in the evening and the morning).
– rest by the sea, retreat from the cities.
– labs and free space for research.
– 7 festival days + 2 afterparty days in Odessa.
– Meeting. Well, the warmest thing that happens at the festival. Gatherings of people we know for years and completely unfamiliar dancers from all around the world. These meetings are something that makes us belong to the community.


Light changes can appear in the schedule.So far it’s

  • 1 hr of morning practice,
  • 3 hours of intensive,
  • 2.5 hours of guest classes and labs,
  • 3 hours of jamming
every day.

More about the venue

Odessa, Shantambala, check out map.
Spacious dance studio. Nice accommodation. Great food. The place where CI was practiced sooo long 🙂

Couple words about the organizers…

Kate Taranova

Alex Postnikov

Sveta Pashko

Inna Postnikova

11th Dancefulness festival is in retreat space

Around 100 participants gather every year since 2009. We don’t hope to see as many this season. Something around 70, to be honest.

What was at 2019 edition?

121 participants from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Finland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, USA, Hong Kong, UK, Denmark, Romania, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzeralnd, Sweden


  • Festival participation: 240 Euro (before June 1)
  • Accommodation:
    ~35 Euro for hostel or tent (200 uah/day), paid to the venue / HOSTEL is full
    ~90 Euro for hotel, 2-3 people in a room (500 uah/day), paid to the venue – SOLD OUT
  • Food: ~60 Euro (300 uah/day), paid to the venue
(total, if staying in tent or hostel – 320 Euro)
Details and choices of accommodation in Shantambala
Prepayment amount: 60 euro
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